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A Lover's Discourse

Have fun, Stay Safe

By Megan Hussey,
Erotica author, Playgirl Posse leader, and proud friend of male companions

You know me, Ladies; always the court jester, able to find the humor—and hot sex, if possible—in every situation. For now, though, I have to get serious about a topic that generally brings me a lot of pleasure and fun: male companions and strippers.

On a general basis, most of the dancers and companions that I’ve met have been wonderful, sensual, not to mention very hot people. I feel safer around my companion friends than I do around most men, as they are more sensitive to women’s needs and always perfect gentlemen.

Sadly, though, a couple of bad apples lurk in every barrel. I’ve been very fortunate with my choices; however, a lady always needs to exercise caution when choosing an intimate partner, in any situation. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:

If a companion has a website with no photos (just keep in mind that these gentlemen do have to obscure their faces for privacy reasons), copy lifted from other sites, and testimonials that sound repetitious, fake, etc., count these as red flags.

If a companion or dancer gets too aggressive on message boards, sending repeated, explicit messages to ladies he doesn’t even know, and ignores requests to stop, this could be another warning sign. Personally, I welcome some nice explicit messages from my companion friendsJ, but that’s because I know and trust them.

If you’re unsure of who to hire as a dancer or companion, by all means check around. Check their websites, ask your friends, join forums like Concierge DuMonde (; also, feel free to e-mail me at my Playgirl Posse e-mail ( and I’ll be pleased to provide references for gentlemen in your area.

Finally, I want to acknowledge those fine men in the companion and exotic dance industry who not only bring pleasure to women, but safety and security as well. To those few who mean us harm, well, I won’t be subtle about this: Stay the hell away. We ladies talk amongst ourselves and we have some strong, respectful men who have our backs. We will report you. Nobody hurts my Posse; and beyond my Playgirl ladies, I consider everyone in the companion and erotica communities my Posse.

Ahem, would now be a good time to mention that Liss, one of my dearest friends and Posse gals, has assigned me a ring tone that plays the opening notes of the song “Fire Woman” by The Cult every time I call? Now you know why. I’ll be back next time with happier news; have fun, Ladies, and stay safe!